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I think this is where I'm supposed to convince you of why you should follow my blog or care about anything I have to say, but I'm not sure im vain enough to pull that off (although I've been told as a writer I need to figure the vain thing...I'm working on it).

I instead propose you take a look around, check out my world, choose to love or hate me, and decide for yourself if you want to stay and fight the monotony with me.

location: middle of the world

strengths: i am the keeper of all secrets (trust locked down like Fort Knox, just ask around)

weaknesses: reality tv, vodka, directionally challenged (i know I always live west but I still have NO idea what that means), vegetarian tendencies, will speak my mind every time

words to best describe me: snarky, outspoken, complicated (you wanna be my friend now, I know it)

super powers: consuming huge amounts of guacamole, running on a treadmill without falling off and  curing onomatophobia.

kryptonite: wouldn't you like to know

never leaves home without: my nook, my ipod, a pen, lemon chapstick