Thursday, November 13, 2014

inside the asylum walls

So this conversation just happened. I can not make this shit up:

Coworker 1: Do you want to hear an awesome story?

Coworker 2: Sure

Coworker1 : So I was out walking my dog yesterday and I looked down and I thought “is that money?” And it was! It was a $5.00 bill.

Coworker 2: Wow! (with what I can only assume was fake enthusiasm)

Coworker1: But then, I lost it. It fell out of my pocket.

Coworker 2: Oh. Bummer! (with even more fake enthusiasm)

Coworker1: But then I was in my back yard watering (note: it was 18 degrees out yesterday) and I found it again!

Coworker 2: Whoaaa! (not sincere at all)

Coworker1: Yea, I know. That’s one serious $5.00 bill

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