Sunday, March 24, 2013

favorite 5 of the week + 5

I assume most of you know I do my favorite 5 posts because some weeks suck and it's a struggle to find anything positive.  These posts keep things in perspective.  Some weeks I struggle to even find five.  But this week, I found myself lucky enough to find 10.  Enjoy!

 1. The Bloggess Rainy Day Books' event in Kansas City.  She was hysterical and crude...just as anticipated! This also included dinner at Tomfooleries with the husband.

2. Hanging with a friend I had not seen in a while.

3.  A friend's shower and the fact that a great group of women still consider me their friend.

4. 48 hours with the boys.  This visit included glow-in-the-dark miniature golf, baking cookies and Wreck It Ralph.


5. A love letter from my dog.  Although we know she doesn't love us.  She's a jerk and I'm surprised she didn't poop in the middle of the heart.

Love letter

6. JT and the 20/20 Experience.  It's so good it will melt your face off.

7. KU making it to the Sweet 16.

8. Zero Dark Thirty.  I KNEW we should have seen that one instead of Lincoln in the theaters.

9. 13 Miles ran in one week.

10. Cheeseballs.

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