Tuesday, February 26, 2013

snow day(s)

So it snowed.  A lot.  No surprise seeing as how I live smack dab in the middle of the country.  But every year this West Coast girl stuck in the Midwest hopes winter slips by without snow.  This year I had no such luck.  Within a 6 day period two winter storms hit the area dumping so much snow in such a small amount of time that it crippled the city.

One of my favorite things when reports of the impending snow start rolling in is finding shelves like these:

snow storm, Kansas City, Storm Q,
Bread raid
It's funny to me how people feel the need to run out for supplies.  We live in an area where none of us live further than 5 miles from a local store of some sort.  I also wonder how is it that SO many people keep so little food in their homes that they must run in sheer terror to empty the shelves.  And why bread?  What are they doing with all that bread?

As the city began to shut down, I suddenly found myself with two actual snow days.  Not just days I didn't get into the office...but days where my office actually closed.

So while the few unlucky who felt they HAD to go to work or the ones who thought they were invincible tried to traverse the dangerous roadways, I instead sat on the couch and watched from afar.  The conditions were beyond white out and I watched as highway exits were closed and cars literally just came to a stop as they could no longer move.  I watched people turn off their cars and walk away.  I watched buses and snow plows get stuck. And I had never been so happy to be stuck at home.

On the first day I discovered our local zoo's polar bear cam and spent the rest of the day watching television and movies while keeping one eye on the bear action.

I also watched as the kid who lives across the street somehow got his truck stuck in his OWN driveway.  He didn't seem to understand the concept of shoveling your car out.  He instead tried to move it first and THEN shovel?  He wound up having a fellow neighbor pull his truck out with their truck...cause their truck was bigger than his.  I wondered if he had truck envy.  I also wondered just how many red trucks actually patrol my town's streets.

stuck in the snow, red trucks
Truck rescue

We on the other hand know how to clear the driveway right. And yes, the husband has tractor envy.

Snow clearing Etown style
Along the way I got lots of miles put on the dreadmill and lots of hours clocked on the couch.  I saw hundreds of posts of stuck cars, kids playing and people crying about the storm.  And I watched thousands of snowflakes fall.  When all was said and done, my favorite part of the storm was the fantastic snow sculptures that popped up around the city.  My all time favorite...

Rated R snow sculpture
Happy Snowing!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

favorite 5 of the week

1. Friday with no boss.  We bailed at 3:30.

2. The movie Flight.  It's one of those really good movies that makes you wonder why you sit through so many other movies that are crap.

3. Dave Coulier at Stanfords Comedy Club. Cut. It. Out.

4. The Biebs on SNL.  He smashed it...and yes, I have Bieber fever.

5.   The Grammys.  I hear Justin Timberlake is back.