Monday, June 4, 2012

yoga mat monday

Sometimes I think when I tell people I do yoga, they have visions of a classroom full of young, fit, sweating women in their cute little yoga outfits defying gravity with each pose. On the contrary, at 38 I am one of the youngest in a class that, on a good week, pushes max capacity at 25-30 students.  There is an equal mix of men and women and many are well into their 50s, 60s and above.  My yoga instructor's mom takes class with me and she is 72 (and can snort with the best of us).  And it's within this older community where I have begun to find great moments of inspiration.

This past week, my 'older generation inspirations' continued into my weekend.

The father-in-law and his wife were renewing their wedding vows and my husband's grandma was in town for the event.  I had the pleasure of riding in the back seat with her on the way to dinner (at Pizza Hut no less) and discovered the following:

1. Grandma is 84 and she has a membership to Curves...and goes on a regular basis. 

2. She likes to drink her beer fast, before it gets hot.  She actually prefers keg beer...cause you can take just a little at a time so its always cold.

3. When offered a JagerBomb, she says 'sure why not?'

Photobucket Image HostingI also discovered a friend's grandfather ran a 10K with him this weekend.  At 81, he managed to not only run the entire thing, but finished in a respectable 1 hour and 15 minutes which secured him third place in his age group and a trophy to prove it.  He also ran the race with an actual Walkman tape player and old school headphones.

Its stories like these that give me the kick in the ass I so often need.  I can only hope at 81 I'm still lacing up the kicks and telling the younger generation how I like my vodka cold.  And next week when I'm in the middle of a bad run or a not so great day at work, thoughts of that 81 year old will probably drag me through the muck.

What do you gain from an older generation?

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