Monday, May 7, 2012

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No matter how my Monday's go, my yoga class never ceases to either make me giggle or teach me something new.  I know it's a good night when I get both.  

Tonight I learned how quickly I become claustrophobic when I find myself in a pose where I have been required to strap up some part of my body and now suddenly find I've cinched the strap too tight and can't get out of it.  Of course all I have to do is release the buckle...but for a few split seconds before I remember this I head towards panic.

Todd, the class clown, matted up next to me tonight.  Whenever I spend class anywhere near him, I know I'm in for some sort of entertainment.  Tonight it came as we lay on the floor trying to contort our bodies into the stretches our instructor was currently torturing us with.  "Breathe," she says.  While I tried to calmly breathe through the poses, Todd sounded like he was trying to birth a 10 pound baby.  Breathing while giggling is hard to do.

On my way out to my car, a fellow yoga person drove up and parked.  His car was slathered with bumper stickers but the one that caught my eye said:

"Remember who you wanted to be."

And I realized in that very moment I felt more like the person i wanted to be than I have in the past 2 years.  And in that, i found a small moment of equanimity.

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