Monday, April 16, 2012

favorite 5 of the week

So I've fallen behind on these...and have yet to do this past weeks. So I'm going to give you the ones I have from two weeks ago. You'll see last weeks soon.

Favorite 5 (from 2 weeks ago)
1. The creation of Gusto
2. More trail running
3.Saturday night w/ Miss Thing (my niece) and her new catch phrase, "ahh man!"
4. The Championship game. I know, we lost. But hey, my team was there!
5. My first sales call. I didn’t like I had to do it, but I like that I DID it…and wound up with a chance.

***A few from 3 weeks ago
Threesome Thursday…you know who you are (and I think those need to happen more often)
My first trail run with the husband. That’s really two, b/c it’s the running WITH the husband AND the trail I love.

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