Tuesday, March 13, 2012

worthless fact wednesday

I find it interesting how through social media platforms, we now have so many people we are only friends with due to happenstance.  Yea I know we have old friends from high school and current actual friends in all these places.  But we also have this huge list of people we follow or friends we don't actually know.  People we selected because they have similar interests or because we are trying to network or just because someone said, hey you should check this person out.  And we start to get to know this second list of people as we watch interactions they have among their closer list of friends.  But our connections always remain at a high level of "knowing."

Even with our close friends or newer friends, its still often more of a high level.  We know who they are when we are around and who they are according to them.  But how do you really find out who a person actually is,  who the person is inside their head, who they are when they are alone.

To me, a person starts to show their true self when you begin to find out the little things about them.  Finding out someone rode their bike around a camp site naked one morning or discovering someone slept with a teddy bear until they were well past 21 and sharing the bed with a spouse are the moments that start to make the person whole.  And while separately they may be worthless pieces of information, they eventually create a bigger picture.

A friend of mine and I had known each other for several years when we decided to start sharing our worthless bits with each other. We spent the past year or so sharing weekly on what we deemed Worthless Fact Wednesday (the name may have been all his idea).  This gave us a week and a due date to come up with a new "thing."  It was fairly entertaining, sometimes shocking, often sad and made us closer friends in my opinion.

I've recently extended my twitter reach and decided this might not be a bad project to try out in cyberland.

So I give you my first installment of Worthless Fact Wednesday (wfw...because it's easier to text and tweet):
At some point in my childhood I became the owner of a Rubik's Cube.  Im a perfectionist (was even then) and it pissed me off I couldn't figure that thing out.  I wound up taking all the stickers off and reassembling the thing that way so I could say I completed it.  

What's your worthless fact?

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