Tuesday, March 20, 2012

where am i? Is it 2012? cheeseburger?**

The main thing to know for today's asylum story is my boss is easily confused.

Our servers went down today...or something like that they thought. We have a pretty stellar IT team and they are never sure on most days, but we knew we couldn't access email or any internal drives along with internet access for a while. At one point I could see them jacking with things in the corner. They seemed to be just giggling a bunch of cords which I'm pretty sure wasn't going to do any good...but you know I'm not IT, so what do I know.

I poked around with some offline stuff and eventually saw my email load back up so I went back to business as usual.

About 45 minutes later my boss frantically ran into my office doorway and this happened:
Boss: Are people working on stuff?
Me (in my head): What the hell is she talking about? We pay people until 5...so yes, I hope they are working on stuff.
Me (actually): Silent stare
Boss: Are we back up?
Me: Uh, Ive been back up for about 45 minutes.

I then get the look, the 'I think Im confused but look constipated' look...for about 10 seconds. I never know what to say when that happens. I also really, really don't know why she couldn't check her computer to see that we were back online. She eventually wandered off as quickly as she had appeared.

And so it goes....ketchup.

**title courtesy of  m.solis


Andrew said...

LOL! That's awesome! I won't get mad at your for the IT cracks (I've done IT) as I know most of them are morons who got their degrees from some fly-by-night teach you in 6 weeks hack shops. Thankfully, I'm not one of those people. Awesome story. :D

Word Girl said...

Ive worked places where the IT people rock...so I know you guys are out there! I just don't have any in my current asylum.