Tuesday, February 21, 2012

soul pancake - what if you were forced to be honest?

I still struggle with all the different projects and places I write and how to sync that up here.  The soul pancake site has some really great writing projects/prompts that I'm going to start trying to participate in.  But they are over there...and my readers are here.  So I will cross post here when I post something over on soul pancake.

I've vowed (in my head) to share more of my words this year for better or worse. They may not be organized or cohesive.  But they will be words and they will hopefully paint a bigger picture of who I am.   I believe I edit too much, which keeps the reader from knowing all of me. I'm looking to do this b/c I love it and not because I care whether people hate or love what I say.

This exercise was from a few days ago when I was in a very angry place. The question was: 

What if you were forced to be honest?

I am actually honest to a fault. Trust me, it gets me in trouble over and over again. But there's still always something your not honest about. Or something you leave unsaid. So I'll say it here. I'm tired of being a secret friend and I'm tired of being a scapegoat for someone else's life not working right. My friendship has NO connection to your marriage. They are two completely separate things and should work independently of each other.


Andrew said...

Well said. :D

I also edit too much. I've learned to stop doing that as much lately, but it hasn't been easy, either that or I'm editing faster. Either way, I'm writing more and worrying less.

As for the other thing, wow. I think that needed to be said.

Word Girl said...

Thanks! And yes, I'd been waiting years to say that:)