Wednesday, October 19, 2011

wise word wednesday

So I was telling a friend of mine the other day about an injury I have and I used a word he didn't know when talking about the muscles that are affected.  He proceeded to tell me it might be interesting if, weekly, I posted a new word...hopefully a word not familiar to most people.  And I thought that since I identify myself as a word girl here it only made sense to start such an idea. 

I decided to pick Wednesday as Wednesday is the middle of the week, we're only half way to Friday, need something to look forward day.

With that said, we'll start here this week with the word that started it.

Either of two muscles, one on each side of the loin, extending internally from the sides of the spinal column to the upper end of the femur, which assist in flexing and rotating the thigh and flexing the trunk on the pelvis.  According to my yoga instructor these are your core muscles that help stabilize you.

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