Sunday, October 9, 2011

today's run sponsored by some fantastic chalk drawings

I went out for my three mile run this morning and apparently yesterday was a good day for chalk drawings.  I wish I had taken my phone with me as these are probably much funnier with an image, but I did not and didn't want to go back out and be the creepy woman hopping out of her car to photograph people's driveways.

Mile 1: A giant must live here.  The hopscotch squares were so huge an entire kindergarten class could stand in one. 

Mile 1 1/2:  I ran across a picture of a house and an outline of a person twice as big as the house.  Either this child needs a lesson in proportions or there's a hell of a future for him in the crime scene, chalk outlines department.

Mile 2 (This one made me stop and walk as I can't run and laugh):  I'm sure this child's parents were quite impressed with what I'm guessing was a drawing of a mushroom.  But to the demented, non-breeder, all I saw was a penis and ball sac.

And for the record, Busta Rymes will really make you haul some ass as you head into the final stretch.

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LiLRed said...

haha to funny!!!! A mushroom lol