Friday, July 22, 2011

moo goo gai complicated as it sounds

So we're picking up Chinese for dinner, right?  And we call in the order...which is essentially a 10 minute ordeal which involves the husband repeating moo goo gai pan about 10 times into the phone.

So we get there to pick it up and it goes a little something like this...

'You have 2?'

'No we called in'

'Oh, you sit'

'No we called in for pick up'

We are at this point handed take-out boxes for the buffet.

We try again...

'No we called in an order to pick up'

'Oh' she says.

Then I'm pretty sure the next sounds out of her mouth are 'ga mo do poo'


She then walks off, confused, to find what I could only hope was help.

Back up appears in the form of a little man who has our order which is guessed it...the moo goo gai pan we asked for 10 times.

While he leaves to find or make said moo goo gai pan, we wander over to get sushi off the sushi bar and now encounter sushi man who, when we ask what the unlabled roll is, responds with...





'Yes, sim'

I THINK he meant shrimp.

I have NO idea how we managed to eventually get our correct order.

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