Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the 4th

Here's what you missed in a nut shell:

This much ammo

 No wait.....

More ammo

So much chicken and shrimp and pork it took the husband almost two hours to grill it all.

24 people who when not out on my driveway were packed into a space that was only about 600 square feet.  Good god I need a bigger house.

A tour of my upstairs for two 4 year olds.  Tyler exclaimed to Emily...this is Jeff and his Mom's room.  I have NO idea why that child thinks I'm my husband's mother.  No wait...maybe I do...see below picture.

This is what happens when you dont stick the Roman Candle in the ground where it belongs.

Result of misbehavin

Maybe he should have used these:

Safety first

Mya's first 4th...and holding her while she slept was so much better than watching the fireworks:)

Miss Mya

A first time attender.  Ryan we were stupid happy to meet're welcome back any time.

And a furry, four legged, first time attender (not Ryan) who wore my dog out!!  Thanks Lindsay and Brian, she's STILL tired!

The crazy

The fast one

Thanks everyone!

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