Monday, May 30, 2011

adventures in mexico part 2: you can’t take us anywhere

Our accommodations in Mexico came in the form of a room at a resort (courtesy of a sister-in-law w/ a timeshare) which included a kitchen. So on our way to the resort we stopped at Costco to stock up for the week (yes it’s EXACTLY the same as any you’ve been in…but with an ocean view which somehow made it better).

They should have known we were gonna be trouble when they saw us roll up. We arrive with luggage for 4, food for a week, 2 cases of corona and 3 bottles of liquor. I was put in charge of manning the bottles (so they wouldn't get broken) and so I made my grand entrance with a bottle of absolut in one hand and a bottle of tequila in the other (that’s right I like to keep my status as a lush on the DL).

Once we got to the room, the first matter of business was getting all said beer and liquor into the fridge. The guys made quick work of putting the beer in the fridge and the liquor in the freezer but they failed to see this on the front of the fridge:

(Please refrain from keeping bottles on door shelves to avoid breakage)

We therefore proceeded to commit what could only be called the 'world’s worst party foul' as I heard the question “do you want a lime cut….son of a bitch!” followed by the sound of half our bottles of beer sliding onto the floor. Housekeeping arrived to find two guys with bleeding toes and so much glass she had to call for back up.

An hour after that we proceed to get in trouble down on the beach because we wandered too far past the 'No Swimming' signs:

We were not so kindly told it was “muy peligroso” as we were escorted to a “safer” spot farther up the beach.

I’m not sure Mexico is going to invite us back any time soon.

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