Wednesday, February 23, 2011

not so quik trip

I stopped by a QuikTrip tonight to grab a fountain drink for my ride home. I pulled up and because it was pretty late there were only two cars out front. I go in and there's me, an old lady loitering by the soda fountains with an empty cup and a woman and her 3 year old who was wearing rain galoshes (it wasnt raining). I figure sweet, I'll get in and out....besides isn't that the point of QuikTrips? By the time i grab my drink though the woman and her child have beat me to the counter. So I walk up behind them and while I have to say I don't spend a lot of time in convenience stores so maybe this isn't out of the norm...but this woman had the biggest hodge podge of crap I have ever seen. We'll start with the two fountain drinks one of which was for the 3 year old...and i wondered why she was buying a pop for her daughter at 11:00 at fact...why wasn't the daughter in bed? The rest of the counter was filled with the following:

2 large bottles of Gatorade
2 bags of jolly ranchers
2 ice cream sandwiches
1 bag of three donuts
1 box of donuts
1 package of crackers
1 sucker

Youre guess is as good as mine...all i know is my quick trip was 10 minutes long.

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LiLRed said...

I will say stoned! haha