Saturday, August 7, 2010

missing in action

I cleaned Mr. Grumpy Pants and Captain Energy's bathroom the other day and decided I was tired of the toothpaste sitting out on the I put it in the drawer. This was the first time since they arrived I had rearranged anything in their space like that. So I'm laying in bed the next morning and the two yahoos are up along with the husband. The husband has given direction to brush teeth and then wandered downstairs. So I hear Captain Energy head into the bathroom. Not two seconds later he is at the top of the stairs yelling for the husband. The husband asks what's up to which Captain Energy answers 'the toothpaste is gone. Someone took the toothpaste.' Not only was it funny to me that the fact the toothpaste may belong in a drawer seemed foreign to him but I thought it was hysterical he would think someone took it. Who exactly did he think had wandered in during the night and ganked the toothpaste. When the husband found it in the drawer Captain Energy responded with his usual....hmmm.

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