Sunday, July 4, 2010

A New Chapter

Something possessed the husband and I (maybe me more than he husband...he just followed) to tackle the challenge of becoming foster parents and we now have two boys, 6 & 10, living with us. We were not parents before this so we are currently battling the challenges of parenthood but also battling being parents to two kids we just met who came with their own baggage. Some days are a mess and other days are actual disasters but every few days we get something right.

Not only did these two role into our house with their own belongings (so much shit I had to actually get a storage unit) but they also showed up with their own personalities that have been years in the making. Personalities we now have to figure out how to negotiate and entertain and wrangle after only having known them for 4 weeks.

The 9 year old is caught somewhere in an in-between land with one foot in childhood and one foot in adulthood and his mood swings are often and quick. He is demanding and bossy and thinks he knows everything.

The 6 year old has so much energy I'm pretty sure he runs in his sleep.

Here's introducing Mr. Grumpy Pants & Captain's their world...I'm just visiting.

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