Saturday, May 23, 2009

desperately holding onto me

I struggle with my identity everyday...i have been for a while now. A long time ago (9 years to be exact) when I graduated from college I told my husband to kick my ass if he ever found me climbing the corporate ladder. I graduated as one of the "creative ones" and wasn't going to let myself be sucked into the cog. And now here I am stuck in the middle of a corporate climb and scared shitless because I seem to be kind of good at it. But its not who I am and that scares me even more.

So the other day, one of my art directors told me she thought I had a surfer girl/hippie chick vibe about me...she actually thought I was from California. She for some reason apologized the next day for calling me a hippie. I laughed and told her what a huge compliment that was. I have been dodging the "corporate" stereotype for quite sometime for her to see a hippie made me happy.

Maybe I'm not losing after all.

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