Friday, January 16, 2009

that's not me or you

I talked myself into signing up on Facebook a couple months ago. I wanted to find out about a highschool reunion gathering and needed to be a member to gain access to that page. So I stopped analyzing it and created an account. At first it was interesting. I ran into people I hadn't seen for a while and found out about some connections I had through a few people that I didn't know about. But then I settled in and started watching. And oh how I hated it. Why on earth do I need to know when someone I only knew in highschool is getting their tooth filled? Why do I need to know someone ate too much candy and now needs to work out to get beach ready? I always know about my friends I talk to daily so I would know what they were doing before they posted they were going skiing. I also began to notice people I knew acted differently in this cyber world. They gloated, they shared stuff I knew was bending the truth, they portrayed themselves in ways I knew weren't true. It made me wonder why people are interested in sharing parts of themselves with people they barely know or only used to know. It's all a ruse. It's all a popularity contest. I wasn't interested in that in highschool and I certainly am not interested in that as a 35 year old adult. I like intimate relationships and am not interested in even that many of those. I know the people I know for who they really are...I'm not interested in their cyber person...and I'm not interested in those I shared a brief moment with way back when we were all forced to exist within the same walls for 4 years. Facebook was noise and wasted time I should be spending with the real people that matter. I'll take my friends in the real world and leave the rest where they my past.

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