Saturday, December 20, 2008

what are we looking for?

I have been sucked into the world of social networking. I resisted it for the longest time. I didn't need to know what people were doing who I hadn't seen since high school...since grade school. If I was actually interested in that person, we would still be friends. I didn't want to be one of "those" people. I wasn't popular in high school. I didn't network then. I wasn't social. Why do I need to do it now? But then one night a couple weeks ago I quit trying to analyze it and set up an account on Face Book.

And while I have actually run into some people that I haven't minded running into, it is fascinating the amount of people out there making random connections because they have a friend on someone's page who knew someone once long ago. And it is interesting to me why any of us are out there doing this. Maybe we are looking for recognition. Looking for verification that what we are doing actually means something to someone. Looking for comfort in the connections.

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