Thursday, December 18, 2008

ordinary people

This year for our boss' Xmas, my department at work decided to take a little different approach. The boss's son is autistic, so we decided to collect cash and make a donation in his name. There were a couple of us in the department that were doing charitable things for Xmas this year so it seemed like a natural progression. I don't think any of us thought much about it. We thought it was a good money was collected and we presented it to him earlier this week.

He cried.

He said this was the best gift that he has ever received.

And as I'm standing there with a few of my other co-workers listening to this, I realize that what we did was pretty extraordinary. I think I work with a group of people who define ourselves as very ordinary. But maybe the things we do that we consider ordinary aren't really. I don't think any of us realized that this act would invoke such a reaction. I think this small group of people who seem to lead very ordinary lives are a little more extraordinary than any of us thinks.

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