Sunday, November 2, 2008


I was at my little sister's apartment this weekend and of course the pending election came up. My husband and I are voters. My brother-in-law is a voter. My two sisters (23 & 32) are first time voters this year. We have not really talked politics around my younger sister's boyfriend before so naturally one of us starts asking him questions. And good for him for being brave enough to tell a room full of voters and very opinionated people that he is actually not voting. Now, I can't talk any smack at all as I have not always been a voter and certainly was not at his age. So I ask him why not and he says that he really doesn't feel like his one vote matters. And I just sigh...cause holy crap if they would just understand what all those 'one votes' could do.

Someone, somewhere really needs to figure out how to engage that generation in the voting process. They're our damn future for Christ's sake.

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