Thursday, November 13, 2008

a lot can change in a year

I realized today that it's been a year...a year since my life started to change forever. I thought at 34 and after 12 years of being with the same person that I pretty much knew how things were gonna go from here on out. It's amazing how much a year can change someone. Over the course of a year I have become a completely different person:

An important person moved 2000 miles away and I found out just how much you can miss someone.

I became the friend that kept everyone's secrets.

I started running to stay sane.

The secrets quietly crushed my soul.

I began to learn how to share myself.

I started to break rules.

I helped my husband through a surgery.

I bought a new car.

My property was invaded.

I gained a brother-in-law.

I traveled to 3 new places...all on my own.

I discovered a girl I'd known for 4 years is one of the coolest people I know.

My better half got us in a lot of trouble.

I'm learning how to golf.

I learned how important it is to just breathe.

I know it's OK that sometimes its just best to be numb.

I thought that time would make you miss someone less...that's not true.

I started writing again.

I now realize that it took 2000 miles for the important person to become an amazing friend and confidant.

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