Sunday, November 23, 2008

its a boy thing

This weekend was a camping weekend...well that's what my husband and his crew call it anyways. I call it a night of debaucherous drinking at a camp ground because no one can drive home.

So each year as the weather starts to turn and the boys get restless since the last day of debauchery happens in July (July 4th to be exact), a night of "camping" is planned. And I swear to god this is better than Xmas for all of them. The entire week is spent on the phone planning this thing out. I stand in the kitchen while my husband talks to a friend and says "well the fire wood will already be chopped but I suppose a machete would be cool to bring." The next phone call elicits a question of whether he can or can't eat wild turkey.

The subsequent trip for camping supplies not only includes fire starter, lantern wicks and food to cook but also the purchase of glow sticks. They have apparently invented a horse shoe type, after dark game and I swear when we roll up to the check out with 6-8 glow sticks that the clerk thinks we are heading to a rave.

The aftermath of the night of "camping" usually always involves some sort of injury that I usually discover the next day that he is not only unaware of but has no recollection of how exactly he sustained such an injury.

This year's stories included:
1. A walk down to the lake to skip rocks where one boy fell in the water.

2. An injury caused by walking into a picnic table in the dark. This resulted in a bruise on each shin where he walked into the table and a scratch on his chin where he then hit his face on the table as he fell.

3. A bent camping chair (ours) due to one boy passing out in the chair and another boy tackling him.

4. A bottle of Wild Turkey honey liquor and a bottle of Jack Daniels.

5. The use of a glow stick as a drum stick...this (shockingly) caused the glow stick to break open and stain several articles of clothing.

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