Sunday, November 30, 2008

favorite five of the week

1. A two Bloody Mary lunch on Black Friday.

2. Knowing how to say No.

3. $20.00 gas money from Dad.

4. 5 days away from work.

5. Travis making me snort via text...that's a talent.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

why i'm a lush - reason #11

I took a flask with me today for dinner at my mother's house, stopped at Quick Trip for a fountain drink and mixed a drink in a La Petite parking lot before I got to her house.

favorite five of the week

1. Neil Patrick Harris and woo girls.

2. Bacon day.

3. An Friday evening of good conversation and working things out.

4. A cut and color.

5. 30 minutes without the neighbors home so I could have a dance party in the living room.

why i'm a lush - reason #10

I know I drank too much when I realize the only thing that is gonna help my head was more vodka.

its a boy thing

This weekend was a camping weekend...well that's what my husband and his crew call it anyways. I call it a night of debaucherous drinking at a camp ground because no one can drive home.

So each year as the weather starts to turn and the boys get restless since the last day of debauchery happens in July (July 4th to be exact), a night of "camping" is planned. And I swear to god this is better than Xmas for all of them. The entire week is spent on the phone planning this thing out. I stand in the kitchen while my husband talks to a friend and says "well the fire wood will already be chopped but I suppose a machete would be cool to bring." The next phone call elicits a question of whether he can or can't eat wild turkey.

The subsequent trip for camping supplies not only includes fire starter, lantern wicks and food to cook but also the purchase of glow sticks. They have apparently invented a horse shoe type, after dark game and I swear when we roll up to the check out with 6-8 glow sticks that the clerk thinks we are heading to a rave.

The aftermath of the night of "camping" usually always involves some sort of injury that I usually discover the next day that he is not only unaware of but has no recollection of how exactly he sustained such an injury.

This year's stories included:
1. A walk down to the lake to skip rocks where one boy fell in the water.

2. An injury caused by walking into a picnic table in the dark. This resulted in a bruise on each shin where he walked into the table and a scratch on his chin where he then hit his face on the table as he fell.

3. A bent camping chair (ours) due to one boy passing out in the chair and another boy tackling him.

4. A bottle of Wild Turkey honey liquor and a bottle of Jack Daniels.

5. The use of a glow stick as a drum stick...this (shockingly) caused the glow stick to break open and stain several articles of clothing.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

why i'm a lush - reason #10

I drank an entire bottle of red wine by myself today.

favorite five of the week

1. The new Pitbull song - Krazy

2. Receiving information in the mail about the family we are adopting for Xmas.

3. Pilates class with my sister.

4. Running in the snow, down next to the lake on Saturday morning...even if it did kick my ass.

5. Justin Timberlake on Saturday Night Live.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

sometimes the ties that bind us...

are impossible to explain.

a lot can change in a year

I realized today that it's been a year...a year since my life started to change forever. I thought at 34 and after 12 years of being with the same person that I pretty much knew how things were gonna go from here on out. It's amazing how much a year can change someone. Over the course of a year I have become a completely different person:

An important person moved 2000 miles away and I found out just how much you can miss someone.

I became the friend that kept everyone's secrets.

I started running to stay sane.

The secrets quietly crushed my soul.

I began to learn how to share myself.

I started to break rules.

I helped my husband through a surgery.

I bought a new car.

My property was invaded.

I gained a brother-in-law.

I traveled to 3 new places...all on my own.

I discovered a girl I'd known for 4 years is one of the coolest people I know.

My better half got us in a lot of trouble.

I'm learning how to golf.

I learned how important it is to just breathe.

I know it's OK that sometimes its just best to be numb.

I thought that time would make you miss someone less...that's not true.

I started writing again.

I now realize that it took 2000 miles for the important person to become an amazing friend and confidant.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

i'm scared....

by the way he makes me feel.

sometimes we win

America was infused with a little bit of hope on Tuesday.

favorite five of the week

1. Unexpected free time to golf on a Monday afternoon.

2. The arrival of new running gear and an unexpected card.

3. Gas for $1.93.

4. A last minute ticket to the Jesse James Dupree invite only show which led to me meeting Johnny Dare.

5. A fire in the very unused fire pit on a Sunday night.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I was at my little sister's apartment this weekend and of course the pending election came up. My husband and I are voters. My brother-in-law is a voter. My two sisters (23 & 32) are first time voters this year. We have not really talked politics around my younger sister's boyfriend before so naturally one of us starts asking him questions. And good for him for being brave enough to tell a room full of voters and very opinionated people that he is actually not voting. Now, I can't talk any smack at all as I have not always been a voter and certainly was not at his age. So I ask him why not and he says that he really doesn't feel like his one vote matters. And I just sigh...cause holy crap if they would just understand what all those 'one votes' could do.

Someone, somewhere really needs to figure out how to engage that generation in the voting process. They're our damn future for Christ's sake.


I spent Sunday morning/afternoon running errands and doing some grocery shopping with the husband. Our grocery store trips go something like this. We decide on meals together but I make the list. Then once at the store I am only responsible for marking the items off the list as we pick stuff up. I think I have a pretty good memory and can keep track of about 25 different work projects all at once. But ask me to pick the brand of ketchup we use and I'll pick it wrong every time. I'm not really allowed to man the cart either as I can't steer one to save my life. So...seeing as how I am ONLY responsible for the list, I get to do a lot of people watching.

I usually come out of a grocery store trip with some good story. One time in February there was a young guy wearing a pirate eye patch. And don't get me started on the frequent shoppers in their pajamas sitings...seriously put on some jeans.

On this particular Sunday I overhear a conversation that makes me a little sad. The parents are so young I'm surprised they even have kids and I am even more surprised they have one that is about 10. Apparently the girl has found a DVD that she wants. It's not an expensive can tell it's off one of those $5.99's an older movie. By the time they pass me the mother is pretty aggravated and talking pretty loudly. Right as they pass me she tells the girl that she is not buying her the movie and asks her "what part of I don't have enough money do you not understand?" I think to myself wow if you can't buy a $5.99 DVD , you must be in a world of hurt and it makes me really sad. It also makes me bet that this family will probably not even vote on Tuesday. I'm pretty sure a family like that won't benefit from any of the promises being made right now, regardless of the candidate. I also wonder what on earth is wrong with this place if families like that exist.

favorite five of the week

So I completely blew this off last week and am having a really hard time coming up with 5 this week. And the really weird thing is I've been feeling pretty good here's this week's five (although kind of lame).

1. Dinner, drinks and good conversation at the Prime Rib (thank god their name wasn't a precursor to all they served or I would have starved).

2. Passing out candy on Halloween.

3. Random calls on a Friday night from a friend and my brother-in-law that reminded me how much I like the people in my life right now.

4. A Saturday night poker game with the sister's and better(?) halves.

5. The start of a good book.