Thursday, March 27, 2008

the adventures of ed

Shortly after moving to our cul-de-sac, I met our neighbor Ed. He is kind of a funny little man who lives by himself along with some cats. Ed kind of keeps to himself but my husband will talk to anyone and one day while out doing yard work he wandered over and introduced himself to Ed. We didn't really get Ed's complete story but knew that he was friendly enough to let us borrow tools and a wheelbarrow. We also discovered he had a pond in his backyard...which is something we had in common.

About a year after meeting Ed, he disappeared. His cars were still always in the driveway and his cats were still roaming around...but he was gone.

After a while one of his cats started showing up at our door. He would sit outside our door and cry and cry. He was this white, sad looking little guy and so we took pity on him and started feeding him and leaving water out for him. We called him Ed's cat. Every now and then he would disappear for days on end and show back up all beaten up and sorry looking. One time he showed up with a bad enough cut on his ear that we actually treated the wound with neosporine for a while. Then after a while, Ed's cat disappeared too. To this day, I hope Ed's cat found a better home somewhere.

So after two years of no Ed he finally turns back up. Nothing new and no explanation...just business as usual. Come to find out after visiting with one of his other neighbors one night, Ed had gotten himself one too many DUIs and found himself spending two years in jail.

A couple weeks ago I was sitting at my computer minding my own business, when I hear this weird kind of beeping/screeching noise coming from outside. After a couple minutes I look outside wondering what it is...and across the street at Ed's place there is smoke pouring out of the house. I thought sweet jesus and yelled down at my husband that we might have a situation on our hands. He goes running across the street just as Ed's garage doors goes up. Ed kind of wanders out like not much is going on. At this point I'm just watching things from the driveway and determine I don't need to dial 911 (which I already have dialed and ready to go). Apparently Ed had put some steaks in the oven and forgotten about them. My husband hung out long enough to make sure there was no actual fire and also for Ed to tell him he was thinking about growing some illiegal plants in his back yard.

At this point we just try to keep an eye on the old guy so he doesn't burn him and his house down.

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